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Internship Opportunity

At Pan-Altus Educare we make sure that our Interns are not left behind as compared to others.  We do hire interns for both Paid and unpaid internship. We have opening for regular as well as work from home profiles almost for every month.

Work Included for Internship

The dedicated candidates shall be given opportunity to work with the major book publishing companies of India;  also would be assigned with Tasks which would require sense of responsibility towards the work assigned  along with the daily updation of the progress shall be highly appreciated .

Who can apply?

1.Any graduate/undergraduate/post graduate+ can apply for this internship opportunity as this will enhance their work capabilities  to the next level.

2. Any student pursuing Law/UG law/PG Law shall apply to the internship opportunity to kick start their career in this field .

How to apply?

Drop us a mail and we will revert you ASAP.  Don't forget to add the subject-  LAW INTERNSHIP-NOIDA  . Also the interested candidates can send their resume to  our mail team- 

Have more questions? see our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions.

 1.How can i know whether i am eligible for this opportunity? what if i am not from law background?

we have opportunity for everyone. Mail us your resume and we will approach you with the suitable profile .

2.Do you provide stipend to the interns hired?

we have both options, If you want to earn your pocket money while learning something we are here to help you. if you want to learn the work without earning money, we are open to that also. However we suggest you take the paid internship as it will be a motivation to your hard-work .

3.What is internship work from home?

we believe that work is work, whether it is done in an air conditioned cubicle or at your home at your comfort. we will give you the work to be done Task sheet daily and you have to just meet the submissions on time. At the end of the Internship the interns will be given the Internship certificate as well.

4. What  will be the time schedule given for the work from home team?

The work from home team will be given the task which needs internet connection and laptop. The intern needs to be online from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday .The interns must report to their team leader or project head  about their daily progress before they sign off.

5. What type of work do you provide to the interns?

The interns are supposed to work with the existing team online for whatever project they are hired for. However the work shall depend  on the client requirement . The weekly feedback will enable the interns to know their positives and negatives.

6. What is the role of feedback call in internship?

As we mentioned earlier, we will never leave our interns behind. we will always train them for a better flexibility to survive in this competitive world. every month there will be two feed back calls made to the interns for their better improvements.

7. Do i need to come down to the office?

The interns will be informed if they need to pay a visit to the office. The chances of visiting the office will be  limited as we  may not be able to give you complete attention. However, if any requirement arises we will let you know.

8. I don't live in DELHI NCR. Am i eligible to apply for the same?

We prefer those candidates who live in Delhi NCR, or at least can travel if called for. However negotiations can be made always. Drop us  a Mail and we will let you know what we can do  for you.



Ritika Ranka- NUALS, Kochi, Kerala

 I quite like the work especially the proof reading exercises Our trainer has been quite supportive and encouraging while assigning and explaining the tasks as well as during the completion of same.

Now my personal experience, working with Pan Altus has been quite an enriching experience and I would love to associate with you even after my semester exams are done.

Kusumika sen Tamil Nadu National Law University,


This internship of one month has been a very enriching experience for me. Unlike other corporate internships, this one has been altogether different, providing an opportunity to understand the nature of work in the publishing industry. The trainers, especially the trainers were very patient, friendly and cleared every doubt regarding the work that was assigned to us. Though this was an online internship, there was no problem in communicating with the team, as the team was always available, in case the interns faced any difficulty related to the internship.

It was nice working with Pan Altus.

Jill Mehta- Maharaja Sayajirao University ,baroda

 I am jill mehta a law student and this is my 2nd week of internship at pan altus.  

Working in pan altus provides you great knowledge regarding the books we read and how they are edited and also makes one habituated for reading which is essential for a law student. 

The legal head the people working with are quite cooperative and provide you great teaching experience.

Sagnik sarkar (BBA LLB),National law university,Odisha

 This internship has been really been quite fruitful as I have learned a lot of things in the span of one month. Starting with the intensive editing of 200-300 pages that not only made me learn different types of editing work but also made me learn how to perform the task fastly and efficiently and submit it on time. Next, the work of head noting was really new for me and helped me learn the art of summarizing the case in one page. and lastly, the 2 articles writing task given, especially the last one was the burning current topic and it encouraged me to go deeper into the topic to understand the two controversial aspects of the society; law and religion.
The trainers in the PAN-ALTUS Group are quite helpful and understanding and are ready to help as when needed. They are quite strict on the deadline and it helps in staying punctual. They really want interns to learn something from the internship and tries hard to achieve that.

I really had amazing interning under them and learned a lot of things. I would again like to intern under them if possible, in the future